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Zwischenraum 2

Franco-German exchange on the topic of territory through tango, composition work and political education

The organizations zukunst e.V (Berlin, Germany) and Aqui y Ahora (Toulouse, France) invite all young adults living in France and Germany to participate in the second and final part of our binational project "Zwischenraum", which will take place from 19 to 26 September 2024 in Grünheide- Kagel and Berlin (last evening).



Zwischenraum, what is that?


Zwischenraum is a hybrid Franco-German exchange that takes different forms in each edition, depending on the place of residence and the themes proposed, with dance at the heart and central theme.

For this 2023/2024 edition, the first part took place in France on an ecological farm in the south of the Périgord and the second part will take place in September near Berlin in a project space, the Zebra Kagel.

We will continue to explore the theme of "territory" in its broadest sense, which includes both the body as an internal, sensory and identity territory, and the territory of naturaleza, understood as the awareness of the external environment in which we develop.

What we want to offer participants is the opportunity to approach these two forms of "territories" - an inner, intimate one and an outer, open one - and to understand the relationship between them, with the aim of establishing connections between these two worlds.

To this end, we will offer you activities that will allow you to experience these two forms of territory, such as improvised dance, tango dance, choreographic composition work and other pedagogical tools of non-formal and political education.


Who can participate? 

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 living in France or Germany. Artistic experience is not required, but we are looking for people who are interested in performing and visual arts as well as artistic and sensory exploration and research. The participant(s) must be present for the entire duration of the exchange.

English is not necessary as all program items will be translated, but it is a plus. If you speak other languages, do not hesitate to let us know.

Participation fee :


We offer two prices for participants: a normal price of 250 euros and a solidarity price of 275 euros. (Project costs should not be an obstacle to participation. We are available if needed).

This price includes:

  •  Workshops

  •  working material

  •  Accommodation in shared rooms Full board

  • Travel costs (there and back)*


(*Travel costs will be reimbursed up to the amount of the actual costs (on presentation of the original receipts by scan) by bank transfer after the end of the project, at most on the basis of a flat rate per kilometer (one-way distance between home and project location in km x €0.16)) in accordance with the OFAJ guidelines. Each participant is responsible for the organization of his/her trip. 



If you want to register, click on the following link

(Attention, the registration is binding. Read the cancellation policy carefully).

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