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Zukunst & Friends #1

From 23-25 October, 2020 Zukunst organized the first-ever edition of its performing arts festival Zukunst & friends #1, which brought together an original creation and shows created by artists who are friends of the association.


Performed on the stage of the Berliner Schule für Schauspiel in Friedrichshain, the program included Dicotyledone, The Chickens, The Screenwriters and Ulysses, me & the Shadow.


With the participation of Sabina Drąg and Via Claramont in The Chickens, Improfusion in The Screenwriters and Alessio Trevisani in Ulysses, me & the Shadow

Click on the pictures for more informations about the performances at the zukunst & friends festival. 

©Jagoda Cierniak



N.E.A.R.: Network, Emancipation, Art, Reconnection is an intercultural online and offline project that brings together young people from Germany, France, Algeria and Guatemala who would not normally have the opportunity to get to know each other. Between 11 and 27 August 2020, Near was an opportunity for young people between 12 and 20 years old  to exchange ideas on the theme of emancipation through art and to make a film or documentary together. 

With the collaboration of Strollad LaObra (France), Etoile d'Akbou (Algéria), Ninas Furias (Guatemala) 

With support of the FGYO 

You'll find the link of the documentary below: 

Online artistic intercultural project.

Arts on screen

Arts on screen

In consideration of the global health situation, we have found it  necessary to maintain our link with the different European actors and citizens. This interruption in international exchanges and various artistic projects  has given us the opportunity to question and adapt our artistic and pedagogical practices. Arts on screen is part of a bigger project, OLA. Thanks to the help of our partners, OLA has enabled us to create and adapt artistic methods for use in the intercultural field. 


With the support of the FGYO

With the collaboration of our partners Arpeggio (Greece), Associação Faísca Voadora (Portugal), Clash! Exchange & Learning (Germany), Gwennili (France), interkulturelles netzwerk e.V. (Germany), Union Peuple et Culture (France), Volonterski Centar Vojvodine (Serbia), Zukunst e.V. (Germany), as well as freelance professionals from Germany and Tunisia.



The link of our methods, and the linguistic animation methods can be found below:

Online linguistic animation



Dicotyledon! What a long word! And what does it mean? Is it a real word or a juxtaposition of syllables? Biologists will tell you that-yes -this word has a meaning. A show about the plant kingdom? Certainly not! Or maybe a little... In Dicotylédone concepts and ideas are transformed, diverted, rewritten. Dicotylédone is about lived or fantasized moments (and everything in between). It means swinging from one foot to the other. It is hesitating, hurting or affirming. It is wanting to grow, disappear or exist. Dicotylédone is a bit all of this. It is also a slightly pretentious presentation text full of oppositions already heard and read, which in no way whatsoever reveals the emotion and joy that this show endeavors to provoke. 


This play was created within the framework of our playwriting workshop and premiered at the zukunst & Friends #1 Festival held in October. Dicotylédone is performed in French with German subtitles.