Zukunst e.V. is made up of international artists who are active in the fields of theatre, dance, circus, music and graphic art, as well as pedagogues who advocate for the values of artistic and non-formal education. 

Marie Chiotti

President (Dance) 


Marie studied "German and Intercultural Studies" in Paris. The focus of her research master's degree was "the influence of dance on the body". In 2018 she completed a dance pedagogy training course at the Tanz Zentrale in Leipzig and immediately afterwards moved to Berlin to continue her education and to make the most of her skills. She works in Berlin as a dance pedagogue and intercultural youth worker.

Treasurer (Theater)

Sylvain Fustier

Sylvain works as a drama teacher, director and certified intercultural youth worker of the Franco-German Youth Office (DFJW) for intercultural exchange. He studied Theatre Studies and History and Linguistics at the Sorbonne. Since 2014 he has been leading workshops on scenic writing and directing the written plays. To date, three plays have been developed and performed in Berlin as part of the La Ménagerie e.V. theatre festival.

Jonathan Kolski

Vice President (Dance)

Jonathan studied acting, dance, theatre studies and cultural management in Paris, Lyon and New York. He has been living and working in Germany since 2013. He lived for four years in Leipzig, where he danced and worked, and studied Dance Pedagogy at the Tanz Zentrale. He is currently studying choreography at the Inter-University Center for dance Berlin (HZT).

Tom Gleyze


Tom practice amateur painting and music, studied international law but would rather prefer define himself by his passion for gatherings. Gatherings of all kinds.

After participating in the organization of various events : music festivals, artistic gatherings, conferences and debates, he started to be passionate about the very idea of “gathering”: This place of life and exchange, where we can share ideas, experiences, projects, but also emotions, fears, love or even just a smile.

Art is everywhere and politics is in everything. A "gathering" is only a way to link one to the other, a drink in hand. And that is probably already enough.

Hana Cherrat


After a Master’s degree in French, English, and German Translation at La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Hana completed a 3-year acting course at Cours Peyran-Lacroix in Paris. Having lived in Australia and in Berlin, and regularly traveling between Portugal and South Africa, she now puts her skills in acting and languages to good use at Zukunst.

Sabina Drąg

Circus/Physical theater

Sabina Drąg is an artist, performer and researcher. She is interested in circus in theory and practice, especially circus biographies from the 19th century and the history of clownery. She is active in the field of movement theatre and pantomime (mime corporel and biomechanics). She trains the Chinese pole. Graduate of sociology and contemporary culture at the Jagiellonian University (Cracow, Poland). Experienced circus and theatre pedagogue. Co-organizer of international circus projects and festivals. Since 2016 her base is in Berlin. 

Ulysse Labate


Ulysse is a youth worker for quite a while now and is working in intercultural projects for a few years.

He loves the dynamic that can come out of a group where nobody knows each other at first. And it's his mission on international youth exchanges to make this dynamic come into existence !

Ulysse deals with theater, especially improtheater. But he's also a big cinema lover and likes to shoot and cut his own movies.

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